Supply Chain Management has emerged as one of the most powerful business improvement tools available today. Majority of the companies have complaints that their supply chains are operating at acceptable levels or better.

If you aim to be a top performer then an optimized supply chain is a must. Today supply chain companies are looking at higher margins by investing in technology which gives higher supply chain visibility. For supply chain enterprise, optimization is isn’t just a need, its your backbone for recognizing who you are & how your customers look at you.

eTechnoforte’s SCM domain knowledge can help you get the most & place you in a situation where your supply chain is well managed & you achieve a competitive edge over others.

Our Experience & Expertise

eTechnoforte has proven expertise implementing some of the challenging solutions like:

Supply Chain functionality by segment

Customer Benefits:

  • Intangible Benefits like Greater Customer Satisfaction due to efficient and timely fulfillment of Customer Orders.
  • Integrate supply and demand channels 
  • Seamless and continuous movement of vital information within and across the enterprise 
  • Reduce transportation and logistics costs 
  • Maintenance of optimal inventory and faster supply chain cycles