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Struggling with inconsistent quality checks? VDEM is what you need

Vehicle Defect Entry Management is a quality management application to be used for the inspection processes and maintaining records. Quality management in the manufacturing industry is unequivocally central to the operation as a whole. Better quality management leads to greater customer satisfaction.

A paper-based quality management system often causes a lot of inaccuracies in the inspection process. The VDEM application helps streamline quality checks.

Switch from paper-based to digital records to achieve better resource allocation and higher operational efficiency. With VDEM, you can:

  • Schedule inspections
  • Inspect processes
  • Scan products for defects
  • Summaries for the day/shift
  • Run through checklists for quality
  • Maintain digital records
  • Data analytics for defects and reporting

Establish a central system for quality checks with VDEM to stop quality issues before they happen. You can create a culture of accountability, and eliminate low-value, manual intervention. Digitizing the data collection and reporting process frees up time and resources, so they can be applied in areas where they yield greater return.

Case Study: VDEM at an Automobile Manufacturer

Vehicle Defect Entry Management (VDEM) was originally developed to help an automobile manufacturing factory transition from recording defects on paper to an efficient, user-friendly mobile application.

Technoforte’s team executed the project from the ideation phase to full fledged integration into operational procedures. To solve the issues caused by physical documentation, like communication gaps, manual errors, storage space, high lead time for resolving quality issues, and reactive management, VDEM was developed and deployed.

The VDEM application ensured that increased accuracy of factory operations was achieved by offering options for various inspection processes. The user is able to scan vehicle QR codes and record any defect found with the corresponding image and description. The quality checking process is also standardized by providing a checklist, and preventing defect outflow.

The technology stack of the VDEM application is as follows:

  • It is a native application that can be accessed on android, iOS, and WIndows devices.
  • The UI of the Web application is built using React JS.
  • The application server is built on the .Net framework and REST API.
  • The database is hosted on a SQL server.

Deploying VDEM allowed the automobile manufacturer to avail the following benefits:

  • Real time feedback on “Vehicle Quality” and manage “Defect history”
  • Defect “Outflow Prevention” to subsequent processes
  • Mobile Application Assisted Defect recording
  • Defect Classification, Prioritization & Repair
  • Real time defect data analysis
  • Reduced manpower

The deployment architecture of the application allows for compatibility with a number of different platforms, with cloud and on-premises deployment methods.

VDEM is now being rolled out to multiple affiliates. Speak to our in-house product development experts to learn more.