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Business Intelligence facilitates quick access to Key Performance Indicators for judging the performance of the business.

QlikView, a product of QlikTech International can meet all needs of an organization for Analytics, Interactive Reporting and Executive Management Dashboards. eTechnoforte is reselling and implementation partner of QlikView in India.

Qlikview is a 4th generation Business performance application. eTechnoforte has built an in-house capability on use of (QlikView) BI & Analytics tool to give customers the flexibility to develop their own analytical applications tailored to their data environments and business requirements. QlikView customers can use this tool to build powerful analytical applications for the whole range of business functions - including finance, logistics, inventory management, business performance monitoring, and more.

Sample Demo Dashboards


Retail Banking Sales and Customer Targeting


Hospital Activity


Plant Operations


Sales Management and Customer Analysis

Customer Benefits:

  1. Reduced Time to Access information allowing for improved decision making.
  2. Reduced administrative costs for report development and maintenance.
  3. Improved customer retention rate.
  4. Increase in delivery-to-promise rates.

Vertical where eTechnoforte can contribute substantially are:

  1. Automotive Production
  2. Supply Chain – (can provide expertise across verticals)
  3. Garment Manufacturing
  4. Oil & Gas – Rig Management
  5. Retail

Big Data Analysis:

eTechnoforte specializes in Big Data analysis. This involves taking a structured approach, involving the right people to do the job and selecting the right technology.

Our Master Data Modelling and implementation process ensures successful BI & Analytics implementation.
Please mail us on info@technoforte.co.in to know 'How we do it differently?'

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