Mobility Solutions

The world is moving the mobile way. Enterprises and every individual in the business world are handicapped without a hand-held device with them. Most of the organizations are either planning to extend & integrate their current business applications to hand-held devices or are purchasing readily available enterprise solutions from software vendors.

Recently many progresses & capabilities are starting to show how different industries in the market can get excellent business benefits from mobile applications. Some of the significant factors why organizations should invest in mobility applications are - the necessity for increased responsiveness, cost savings in labor through higher efficiency & quicker cycle times of mission critical business processes across the organization.

eTechnoforte offers a wide range of mobile based enterprise level solutions which are developed and implemented across varied industry verticals in different geographies.

eTechnoforte’s expertise and gamut of offerings through mobility solutions are as follows:

VAN Sales Automation
ADVANTAGE Van Sales Pro is an excellent tool developed by eTechnoforte which can be effectively used for goods distribution through Van.
Mobile Quality Tracking Solution
Advantage QT pro is an extremely user friendly, seamless end to end mobile based integrated quality & defect tracking system.
Fixed Asset Tracking Solution
FAT is a comprehensive, ready to use, complete solution for any company to take control of their fixed assets. Our solution covers the entire spectrum starting from labelling the assets, to auditing the assets, till generating reports.
Courier & Logistics Solution
This is a Hand Held based solution for courier pick up, delivery and signature capturing for proof of delivery. The application a has a central server for data collection, distribution and generating MIS reports.

Through eTechnoforte’s solutions, customers’ business results have a tremendous turnaround and following are what some of the long term benefits our customers have achieved:

Tangible business benefits such as real time ROI & leveraging existing infrastructures to maximize logistics potential.
Quicker cycle times of mission critical business processes has resulted in overwhelming customer satisfaction, cost savings & competency.
By incorporating real time data though mobility solutions, the magnitude of business process effectiveness of other Enterprise level IT applications like ERP, Business Intelligence, SCM, etc has drastically gone high.